It's been a over two years since I created a blog post for my former blog. I've written for companies and have continued to journal, document, and create. In fact, I've completed three, or was it four, albums that haven't been shared on any social media platform. On Instagram I've shared bits of my home, life with my husband and cat, and super small snippets of paper crafts. 

What happened 2 years ago? 3 years ago? Well, friends, I lost myself. I lost my reason for creating. I got caught up in my day job, creating for others, insecurity, and comparison. So I stepped back, I said goodbye, and I enjoyed creating for ME... and my family, and my wedding, and my job, and just. simply. because. I regained strength, discovered time management (those are real words, guys), and found the passion I had lost. 

At the start of the year I posted to Instagram, also known as completely whined about, my utter confusion and loss of direction for 2017's documentation. I needed a plan. Well into February, I still needed a plan. But in that post, I found that sense of community and encouragement that I haven't experienced in far too long. My longing for an outlet to share more, teach, and document combined with a place to call my own was met with an outpouring of love and interest from the paper crafting world.

That brings us to today. This moment where I express the random thoughts that have bounced back and forth in my head, heart, and gut and force myself to hit PUBLISH. 

I look forward to sharing with you as I dig through the last few years of projects, document this current year, and enjoy a life of DIY. Thanks for joining me on this new adventure.