This morning as I sip on my decaf latte (hello pregnancy, goodbye caffeine), I'm reflecting on the excitement of today's announcement. I finally get to share my new role as Marketing and Creative Coordinator of Crafted in Joy. Crafted in Joy is the vision of Angelica Suarez, a momma of four, hardworking illustrator, and the kindest person. She spreads joy wherever she goes, and I couldn't be more honored to join her team. 

Make something. Give it away. Spread Joy.

What is Crafted in Joy? We're working hard behind the scenes to bring to you some great products and content. For now, let the words of our owner speak for the brand. She said it best in today's blog post by writing, "Make something. Give it away. Spread joy." Everything Crafted in Joy creates and promotes will be centralized around that goal. I sincerely hope you'll join us on the journey.  

Check out the Crafted in Joy blog, along with the most recent post: YOU CAN CREATE WHEN YOU CAN'T DO MUCH