HUNTING down a new ornament or two for the Christmas tree. The mister found this pull toy moose, and we can't stop laughing at it. 

DRINKING caramel hazelnut lattes all day every day. It's my feel-good drink of choice, especially on cooler days.

RE-WATCHING 30 Rock in the background each night during the babe's cranky hours. 

LOVING Small Business Saturday and all of the support our customers showed us at Creations Galore.

WAITING impatiently for the snow to come to Wisconsin. Where are you winter?

CRYING when the baby cries. Seriously, how do mommas handle the whole colicky thing? Tell me all your secrets.

LISTENING to this song on repeat. 

WEARING Felix as much as possible. During the day, it's the only way he gets solid sleep and the only way I get things done. After a few rough days, I ordered a ring sling from WildBird and love it.

CREATING content for the Crafted In Joy blog. Angelica released new stamps and original tees this month, and I can't get enough of her illustrations.

BUYING all the Magnolia cookie cutters. This one takes the cake... or um cookie.