"The Bible is for you, and it's for right now. It's for you if you've never read it, and it's for you if you have 17 doctorates in theology. It's for the moment you are so overcome with grief that your body forgets to breathe in and out on its own, and it's for the time you really don't have time to open its pages for yourself." - Rachel Meyers

I read this quote while holding Felix in the NICU knowing who I needed to put my trust in but also lost in so many ways. It was toward the end of his month stay there. I hadn't dug into this book in a while, and I remember a disconnect. It was as if I was going through the motions of everyday life. Stuck in a place and time I can't understand. But I did it. I read this quote, opened up to Psalm 16, and read "Oh God, for in you I take refuge."

The Bible is for you

This book is alive and active. It will speak to you if you've read it once or a million times. It will convict, enlighten, and strengthen you. All you need to do is open it, and trust God to do the rest. My situation didn't change that afternoon, but my heart and mind felt a peace that hadn't been there in far too long. 


SUPPLIES Illustrated Faith Fierce Love, Avery 8.5x11 Full Sheet Labels, Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen Black, Micron Pen


Happy 3 months, Mr Felix.

I remember taking this picture a few days after bringing you home from the NICU. Even the newborn booties were too big. Since then you've more than doubled your height and weight. You wear 0-3 onesies, because you're tall. But wear NB pants, because your tummy is just not round enough yet. Your daddy and I love your big eyes and curious nature. You kick and wiggle all day. Recently you discovered your hands, and it's funny to watch your amazement. A double chin has emerged, along with a fat roll on each arm and leg. Your favorite thing to do is eat. I mean, you're overly excited about eating, kid. You also love warm baths, holding hands, and smiling at grandma. I love you sweet babe.




HUNTING down a new ornament or two for the Christmas tree. The mister found this pull toy moose, and we can't stop laughing at it. 

DRINKING caramel hazelnut lattes all day every day. It's my feel-good drink of choice, especially on cooler days.

RE-WATCHING 30 Rock in the background each night during the babe's cranky hours. 

LOVING Small Business Saturday and all of the support our customers showed us at Creations Galore.

WAITING impatiently for the snow to come to Wisconsin. Where are you winter?

CRYING when the baby cries. Seriously, how do mommas handle the whole colicky thing? Tell me all your secrets.

LISTENING to this song on repeat. 

WEARING Felix as much as possible. During the day, it's the only way he gets solid sleep and the only way I get things done. After a few rough days, I ordered a ring sling from WildBird and love it.

CREATING content for the Crafted In Joy blog. Angelica released new stamps and original tees this month, and I can't get enough of her illustrations.

BUYING all the Magnolia cookie cutters. This one takes the cake... or um cookie.